How our dashboards can benefit your business

Earlier this month we gave you an insight into our CloudAudit service. Following on from that we’d like to illustrate how our dashboards can be an asset to your business and in turn enable you to reduce or manage your costs.

CloudWatch Flyer 1

View all statistics on your metrics from one easy access portal

With our simple single portal page, you can link onto all of your dashboards and view everything on one page. Viewing everything this way is essential to enable you to save time and generate easy to comprehend data.

 There’s no need to be permanently logged into the AWS Console

So you can guarantee your data with be secure as well as being in one convenient place.

 Multiple pre-defined reports available at a glance with one-click

We tailor each report to each clients specific need. Within one click you can be provided with the detailed clear-cut information to benefit your business.

A quick solution to triaging EC2 instances for support teams and users

Triaging EC2 instances manually can be time consuming, but with our dashboards seeing problems is clear and instant. Our solution saves you time diagnosing problems.


You can find out more about our Cloud Management for AWS by emailing us at and one of our team will get back to you. You can also give us a follow on Twitter or LinkedIn to find out more about what we’re up to.

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