Headley Court Modelling Club: ERPaaS employee championing for serving and ex Service Personnel

On our blog this week we thought we’d take a look into some of the fulfilling work ERPaaS employees get up to in their spare time. One member of our team has led a project to help serving and former Services Personnel counter PTSD and complex trauma by working with the Occupational Therapists at Headley Court.

Online military forums provide an environment where serving and ex Service Personnel can chat and share their experiences. One of the military forums has a thread dedicated to military modelling which attracts a variety of people from the Armed Forces Community.  One of those people is Ken Bellringer.


Ken had a 10% chance of surviving after being blown up in Afghanistan.  Ken expressed an interest in taking up military modelling as a hobby as he felt it could assist with him adapting to his injures, as well as assisting with his general recovery.

After some discussion between forum members, Ken and one of our employees agreed to approach Headley Court to establish a modelling club at the centre. An appeal was launched and donations came in from the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong and even the Pentagon in the United States.

Picture1.png x

The initiative was seen as a positive step in supporting ‘mindfulness’ which is focusing on the ‘here and now’.  It helps patients with complex trauma, including PTSD and depression as well those adapting to life after the loss of limbs or senses.

Picture1.png xx

Modelling is therapeutic, mentally stimulating, an escape, and it delivers something tangible at the end of it, with guys feeling a huge sense of achievement.  It also helps people with traumatic injuries to develop new skills.

Picture1.png xxx

The next step is to expand the initiative and enable members of the club to take the hobby home with them when they are not in support at Headley Court.

You can find out more about what the team at ERPaaS are up to by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you wish to support this activity and are interested in donating, please contact ERPaaS at info@erpaas.com


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