#CIPFA2016 Highlights

Last week ERPaaS had the pleasure of hosting an exhibition stand at CIPFA annual in Manchester. The conference was an overwhelming success, particularly our Managing Director Simon Robinson’s workshop which was overflowing with attendees.

ERPaaS talked about the impact of Cloud and SaaS on Public Services, the culture change that come with moving to it, and the leadership decisions facing senior Public Service officers.  We also talked about the huge change that is taking place in the IT industry as large IT companies wrestle with the impact of their revenues collapsing as the industry transitions.  We demonstrated how we personalise Cloud ERP with PolicyPlus and move transactions into digital mobile self-service on Smartphones.  We connected  with decision makers from all over the United Kingdom.

We had a fantastic time at the conference and it saw the return of our ERPaaS buzz game! Many steady handed attendees tried to beat the buzz but our overall winner was Chorni Henriques of Hays Recruitment. She took home a £250 prize for her charity of choice!

The conference was rife with interesting workshops and we found the experience of connecting with many of those in Finance invaluable. Here are some of our highlights of the event.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our highlights. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to find out which event we will be attending next.


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