Six Ways AttendancePlus Will Revolutionise Absence Management

In an age of smartphones, Cloud computing and super fast internet, why are most organisations still using the same complex, clunky and often incoherent HR systems that have been around for more than a decade? Why does something as simple as absence management still require endless amounts of paperwork, phone calls and meetings, when it could just as easily be done in five minutes at the press of a few buttons?

Here at ERPaaS, we’ve been working hard to answer these questions and bring a much-needed update to these seemingly ancient systems and practices. Keep reading to find out six ways that our new product, AttendancePlus, will revolutionise absence management in your organisation.

capture1.  Anyone can manage absences from anywhere and at any time:

AttendancePlus propels your absence management system into the modern day by enabling employees at your organisation to record and approve absences using any mobile, tablet or desktop device. Sickness absences can be recorded from your doctor’s office; holidays can be requested during a conversation with your travel agent; and family emergencies can be reported from home, allowing you to coordinate properly with your spouse or family members. Gone are the days of being chained to your desk – AttendancePlus is fully self-service and mobile-enabled, meaning you can record or approve absences in any place and at any time.

2. It’s flexible enough to accommodate your needs:

That attendance policy is the industry standard, but is it really appropriate for your organisation’s needs? There’s no reason that you should be confined to a predetermined list of policies – AttendancePlus enables you to create and implement new policies whenever the need arises, and it accommodates any number and variety of policies, regardless of their prevalence in your specific industry.

3. It integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system:

AttendancePlus is not intended as a replacement for your existing ERP system – instead, it integrates seamlessly with that system to offer increased flexibility and usability while maintaining all of your existing employee data. AttendancePlus eliminates the costly and time-consuming customisation exercise that is normally required to expand the functionality of typical systems by plugging itself into your existing ERP system and using it as a data source. This provides all of the benefits of a new system with none of the hassle of data transfers or starting from scratch.   AttendancePlus can also determine and apply policy rules for individual employees based on data that is stored in your ERP system, such as each employee’s terms and conditions of employment, rather than applying general or non-specific policies to large groups of employees and leaving the specifics open to interpretation.

4. You have complete control:

Create and edit your organisation’s policies using the word processing and spreadsheet software that you already use on a day-to-day basis. A policy can be edited in minutes by someone with no technical expertise, and without outside help. You don’t need our permission to make changes to your own system!

5. It’ll be up and running in no time:

Here at ERPaaS, we aim to get your new application up and running in two months. Drawn-out development processes and yearly progress reports are not our thing – we know that you want to make the switch as quickly as possible and so we do our best to make that happen.

6. No developers, no consultant fees and no hidden costs:

We provide you with continuous updates as part of the initial cost, and will never charge you for unnecessary development or consultation. Changes to your own policies are all completely free of charge with no prior consultation required. AttendancePlus comes with absolutely no hidden costs – with ERPaaS, what you see is what you get!


For more information, visit, or click here to view and download our AttendancePlus brochure. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below, contact us via Twitter, or send us an email at


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