PolicyPlus: The answer to your ERP policy problems.

Maybe you’ve heard of our product, AttendancePlus, and you’re at least a little intrigued by the six ways that we think it will revolutionise absence management, but what if absence management isn’t your thing? Let’s say your organisation has their absence management system perfectly polished and ready to meet the needs of every employee, or perhaps that your organisation feels it needs to focus on a policy or process that is more important. How can ERPaaS help you?

Well, what you may not know is that AttendancePlus is part of the PolicyPlus family of products, our one-size-fits-all solution to the multitude of problems that are faced by organisations who use traditional ERP systems. Whether you’re using Oracle E-Business Suite or Fusion, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SAGE or any other ERP system, and whether that system is on-premise, in the Cloud, or a combination of the two, PolicyPlus has got you covered.

We offer several pre-built mobile-friendly applications that deal with the most common ERP problems you’re likely to encounter, covering things such as the expense claims process, parental leave and flexible working policy enforcement, health and safety incident reporting and, of course, absence management. Plus (no pun intended), if these applications aren’t quite suitable for your needs, we offer BringYourOwnPolicyPlus, which is our way of saying “no problem!” BringYourOwnPolicyPlus can be used to model any of your organisation’s policies or procedures and integrate them directly into your existing ERP system, so there’s no need for you to compromise and settle for anything less than exactly what your organisation needs.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of blog posts spotlighting each of our PolicyPlus applications and showcasing all the benefits they could bring to your organisation. We’ll be keeping this post up to date with links as each new post in the series is published, so feel free to bookmark this page and come back in the future to find out more. Alternatively, you could subscribe to our blog using your favourite RSS feed reader or follow us on twitter @erpaas to receive updates as they’re posted.

For more information, visit www.erpaas.com. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below, contact us via Twitter, or send us an email at info@erpaas.com.

PolicyPlus Product Series

  1. Introduction (this post!)
  2. AttendancePlus (view brochure)
  3. FlexibleWorkingPlus (view brochure)
  4. ParentalLeavePlus (view brochure)
  5. Expenses&HospitalityPlus (view brochure)

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As the creators of Business Systems Personalisation, ERPaaS enables your employees to focus on the things that matter by automating the knowledge of your people and delivering it in a new breed of business application that we call ‘Intelligent Services’. Visit www.erpaas.com for more info.

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