Why unconventional appraisals work

 The world of performance management is changing rapidly, but the way we manage our people hasn’t yet caught up. Many frontline managers are still relying on old management practices that are no longer effective or contribute to challenges with productivity. Let us show you some ways to freshen up your approach to appraisals… The traditional … Continue reading Why unconventional appraisals work

Four things frontline managers can do to reduce absence

Managing and reducing absence is tough. Especially when your absence policy isn’t consistently applied across the business and managers default back to approaches that ‘work for them’. We’ve listed four simple ways frontline managers can easily, accurately and speedily manage unplanned absence. Schedule return to work calls, welfare calls and reminders. When someone is on … Continue reading Four things frontline managers can do to reduce absence

How to reduce unscheduled absence

“We’ve never had more tools to manage absence, but does your organisation have the skills to make the right decisions?” Asks Andy Fisher, Human Resource Product Manager at ERPaaS… Unscheduled absences of any kind can be hugely disruptive to productivity, and while they remain a fact of life in the workplace, reducing absence isn’t as … Continue reading How to reduce unscheduled absence

Parental Leave – too complex to comply?

Every year, tens of thousands of new mothers in the UK are forced to give up their jobs due to issues largely relating to both employers’ and employees’ understanding (or lack thereof) of parental statutory rights and maternity leave. This number isn’t hard to believe when you realise that new mothers encounter significant problems when … Continue reading Parental Leave – too complex to comply?

FlexibleWorkingPlus – A Flexible Application for Flexible Working

It’s been more than two years since the right to request a flexible working pattern was extended to all employees of UK businesses, and yet less than 9% of job vacancies in the UK currently offer flexible working. Here at ERPaaS, most of our employees work flexibly, and it really does make a difference. We’re … Continue reading FlexibleWorkingPlus – A Flexible Application for Flexible Working